Sharp air and sunshine strike as we stride away from Southease Station seizing a weather window for a winter walk. Low December light leads the way, glancing across a glassy Ouse as a tide smoothly slips in, we swing across the bridge. Past passive ponds and ditches there’s no sign of stirring in the village […]


It’s a strange twist that during the season of treason I find myself agreeing with Eric Pickles. Last month his department published a ‘Community Guide’ to celebrating Bonfire Night. In the accompanying press release Mr Pickles notes the “important role Bonfire Night plays in bringing Britain together across colour, class and creed”. A couple of […]


Following wet and wind the season is settled into a sultry South Downs autumn. Although no hint of cold or frost days are suddenly shortened by an hour. Soil is concealed by bonfire bright leaves breaking free from trees and floating down to land  – protecting precious soil and precarious plants. The air is still […]

Originally posted on London Road Station Partnership Blog:
It’s safe to say that even though this is only our second day working at the station, it already feels like a second home (and the tea and coffee kindly provided by Elspeth certainly doesn’t break that illusion!) Today called for an early start, so we met…


Another sun scorched day another downland valley filled with fluttering. Beyond the boundary of the South Downs National Park the city fringe is filled with things in flight. Allotment air alive with red, white, blue and black as butterflies thrive. Red admirals sail the breeze and peacocks perch on paths or beam their colours from […]


  At the hottest height of summer Castle Hill, the centre of Brighton’s Biosphere reserve,  is crowded with colour. Bees too busy to be bothered by passing walkers provide the soundtrack for a saunter. Grassland is bright with butterflies flitting from flower to frond, finding food and flirting. Shielded by the Downs from the sounds […]

2014-07-11 20.47.28

Slugs salivating. An orgy of gastropods Gobble up my garden Leaving their silvery slick. Can nothing neutralize their appetite For everything? Yes – they like Lambrini And are now Derservedly Dead Drunk


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