Riders on the Storm – Sussex Style

ImageWith news reports of Brighton braced for storms – the wilder of side of Sussex embraced the waves.  Big weather events aren’t all disaster and destruction. Winds whipping up water on Southwick’s Saturday shores saw pre-storm riders  running before the wind. Windsurfers race the tides along the coast, while surfers hang out for sheltered swell inside the harbour wall. Thirsty for their thrills the neoprene tribe trot past the coffee crowd around Southwick’s hidden secret.

litter pickerWaves might be clean today but the beach below is dirty – and litter pickers scatter, plucking pieces of tossed up  plastic in an effort to protect the sea life from more harm.

Today, in post stormageddon Brighton the beach patrol buzz by – warning people out of wild waves’ way.  A  boat is battered up the ImageBlack Rock beach. How has a hapless seaman missed the gaping marina mouth? i Not quite Athina B but big enough – to pull a small crowd of half term kids and dads.

As the wildest winds blow over, a swelling shoal of surfers forms, tucked in beneath the marina’s eastern arm  – to ride the rising tide. Meanwhile seagulls are seeking shelter, silenced by the screech and rattle of masts – as the wind wails east leaving heaving swell behind.
???????????????????????????????marina eve


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  1. Good stuff mate !

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