Brighton butterfly bonanza


OK so its a moth

??????????????????????   At the hottest height of summer Castle Hill, the centre of Brighton’s Biosphere reserve,  is crowded with colour.

Bees too busy to be bothered by passing walkers provide the soundtrack for a saunter.

Grassland is bright with butterflies flitting from flower to frond, finding food and flirting.

Shielded by the Downs from the sounds of human traffic, all that can be heard is the thrum of insects working while the sun shines.

Vivid peacocks sunbathe on chalk paths – too shy to ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????be caught on camera by the stealthiest approach.

Others are more brazen, flaunting vibrant colour contrasts with their favourite floral flavours.

Chalk hill blues, marbled whites, skippers, admirals and six spot burnet moths burn bright against the softer tones of scabious and cornflowers.

And no-one else is here to see this hub of natural industry.




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