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Splash and dash – aquaplaning Brighton’s undercliff

Wave watching is a traditional Brighton pastime – we’ve had no shortage of splashing  spectaculars during this wet, wild winter. A very high tide arrived around lunchtime today, as columns of families and dogs ignoring or oblivious to advisories set forth for the Sunday seaside stroll. On calmer days Brighton’s undercliff presents a safe, sedate […]

A revolting year around Sussex

As the date changes and the wind rages its time for a traditional list and last year Brighton and beyond was, overall, pretty revolting.  Across the county students, stockbrokers, pensioners and families were all moved to defy ‘authority’ and protest. Here are Brighton Beyond’s top five revolts in Sussex in 2013 – proving that spoilt […]

A walk on chalk – Hope Gap

Receding grey on the first December day surprised us, as we arrived at Seaford Head. Hats and scarves were shed by kids unleashed who screamed towards the beach. At Hope Gap hopes are realised where the South Downs meet sea. Low tide reveals the rock pooled shore ready for small adventurers to explore. Dipping between […]

Cod Almighty – sunshine and sea life

Saturday saw glassy seas and sunshine on the shores of seaside city.  After recent bottom churning weather it was odds on that the fishes might be hungry. The boat was dispatched – about four miles offshore – to seek something for tea. It wasn’t just the fisherman out enjoying the sun – a pod of […]

Riders on the Storm – Sussex Style

With news reports of Brighton braced for storms – the wilder of side of Sussex embraced the waves.  Big weather events aren’t all disaster and destruction. Winds whipping up water on Southwick’s Saturday shores saw pre-storm riders  running before the wind. Windsurfers race the tides along the coast, while surfers hang out for sheltered swell […]

Lessons for urban living – how to save a teenage seagull

Love ‘em or loathe ‘em in Brighton we live side by side with the seagulls. The feathered variety (as well as those blokes playing with balls in Falmer). For we co-habitees of raucous brazen scavengers, their cackling invokes in equal measure irritation, fear, respect and grudging affection. However phone conversations with the land locked are […]

We do like to breathe beside the seaside

Hooray it’s hot!  Brighton (and every other beach place) enjoyed a weekend bursting with business boosting visitors. Traffic trailed from country to coast, choking  seasides with congestion, noise and fumes.  While so far breezes have kept summer smog at bay, recently released reports mean air pollution (which is with us all year round) is hitting […]