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Slugs salivating. An orgy of gastropods Gobble up my garden Leaving their silvery slick. Can nothing neutralize their appetite For everything? Yes – they like Lambrini And are now Derservedly Dead Drunk Advertisements

Brighton Sheepshare Easter Sheep Feast

No day on the Downs is complete without encountering sheep. They stubbornly stand and sit in  the middle of paths, ignoring an oncoming bike or walker, inexplicably amble in line across valleys, or range themselves on ridges like a woolly army ready to charge like the Black Sheep of nightmares. Why are they there? To […]

Dead sheds, daffodils and shifting soil

An allotment expedition, dodging deluges, finds daffodils daring to stick their heads above ground. There is no need to dig for roots as they weren’t the only things standing out. The pounding  of rain has removed the lightly chalky soil and parsnips destined for dinner are poking up and  pecked. Alongside erosion of our soil, […]

Cod Almighty – sunshine and sea life

Saturday saw glassy seas and sunshine on the shores of seaside city.  After recent bottom churning weather it was odds on that the fishes might be hungry. The boat was dispatched – about four miles offshore – to seek something for tea. It wasn’t just the fisherman out enjoying the sun – a pod of […]

Men plaice their tackle on Brighton Beach

Last week a temporary tent city sprung up on Brighton beach, as seasonal visitors flocked to the shore.  We were invaded by men getting their tackle out. Not unusual in the vicinity of Madeira Drive (the site of Brighton’s nudist beach). However these weren’t the usual exhibitionists. Fisherman from around the south coast set up […]