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Scraping the Bottom at Brighton Marina

The beginning of Spring is when boats of Brighton Marina leave their moorings to be hauled from the water by the Thunderbird contraption. Behind the battered marina wall  –  rapidly repaired following the thrashing of storms –  the boatyard is bulging with tacky bottoms awaiting their annual wipe by owners who dream of  rippling bluish […]

Sussex slightly sunk under storm surge

Last September saw us sniggering at Rye Harbour –  watching workers renewing flood defences seeming surprised by the high Spring tide. Water lapped against cabins, swamped plant and materials, as well as drowning long standing jettys. As workers helplessly watched and waited for the waters to subside, we wondered what might happen if the tide […]

Riders on the Storm – Sussex Style

With news reports of Brighton braced for storms – the wilder of side of Sussex embraced the waves.  Big weather events aren’t all disaster and destruction. Winds whipping up water on Southwick’s Saturday shores saw pre-storm riders  running before the wind. Windsurfers race the tides along the coast, while surfers hang out for sheltered swell […]

Balloon bounty on the beach – more crud at Camber

Another day, more drifting deadly debris on the tide. Still more beached balloons are bobbing in the breeze – celebratory bubbles yet to burst and present a not so happy meal to choke any gourmet fish or gull – tempted by exotic imported morsels. The menacing menu can be washed down today with reclaimed refreshments […]

Camber Sands, cockles and cotton buds

Smart glass fronted holiday homes on the shingle ridge of Camber face the far horizon, but a near shore scan reveals a gallery of gruesome goods abandoned by the tides. Beach combing for treasure here throws up a trove of toxic trash that mingles with marine life. Do cockles clean their shells with cotton buds or celebrate big […]

Men plaice their tackle on Brighton Beach

Last week a temporary tent city sprung up on Brighton beach, as seasonal visitors flocked to the shore.  We were invaded by men getting their tackle out. Not unusual in the vicinity of Madeira Drive (the site of Brighton’s nudist beach). However these weren’t the usual exhibitionists. Fisherman from around the south coast set up […]