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Brighton butterfly bonanza

  At the hottest height of summer Castle Hill, the centre of Brighton’s Biosphere reserve,  is crowded with colour. Bees too busy to be bothered by passing walkers provide the soundtrack for a saunter. Grassland is bright with butterflies flitting from flower to frond, finding food and flirting. Shielded by the Downs from the sounds […]

A walk on chalk – Hope Gap

Receding grey on the first December day surprised us, as we arrived at Seaford Head. Hats and scarves were shed by kids unleashed who screamed towards the beach. At Hope Gap hopes are realised where the South Downs meet sea. Low tide reveals the rock pooled shore ready for small adventurers to explore. Dipping between […]

Shots of sunshine in Stanmer Park

November is now properly nippy but a burst of low level sunshine makes a wood and downland wander irresistible. How lucky are we that within Brighton’s boundary we can make a break for the hills? Stanmer Park provides a vast varied space for kids and dogs and sports to play outside. It’s also easy to […]

On liking London Road – Brighton

No-one writes about London Road other than to reinforce its rough reputation and it’s time to set the record straight. As the one way route out of town visitors don’t linger either. Not everyone wants cappuccino chain store chic, and while North Laine bohemian boutiques have their trend setting charms, you can’t beat London Road […]