camber may15webCamber Caper May 15th

Time: 1.30 pm ish
Sea: calm silted green with May bloom
Tide: LowCamber paddleMay 15
Where: Camber Sands, G – F
Sea temp: 10

A chill wind whips across the sands at Camber as we caper towards the receding sea. May bloom makes the water murky and sandals silt up with slime, before we reach the shoreline. As the water retreats it shallows and cools forming a thin film lapping at our feet. We dip them in and sandals fill with sodden sand.

Preliminary Paddle May 10th

Time: early evening
Sea: glassy gun metal greyMay beach
Tide: falling
Where: Kemp Town, Yellow Wave
Sea temp: 10.8

A sultry evening for May, as rain has followed the hottest weekend of the year so far. The beach that hosted a weekend swarm attracted by sudden heat is now deserted. The carcas of the Brighton Wheel still stands, slowly being stripped.

The tide is receding and the evening cool, so first recorded dip of the year is up to knees only – and its barely bracing. Water is a cloudy metallic grey and as glassy as it gets in the stillness. Seagulls sit reflected in the surface and canadian canoes make ripples.

While the council have cleared 50 tonnes of rubbish from the beach, a new layer of litter is forming. The remnants of  remains of a children’s party are strewn across the shingle – sweet wrappers, balloons, and playing cards lie scattered – along with the usual cans and crisps – and more disturbingly a pair of pants – signs that a new generation waste is growing.